Our Competitive Strength

A comprehensive and integrated marketing service provider
We provide a comprehensive and complete Sales & Marketing service in Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei offering in depth coverage of these markets in the areas of general practice medicine, specialists, hospitals, key accounts and the OTC segments

A qualified, experienced and committed team of marketing specialists and healthcare professionals.
Our reputation is founded on the service quality, knowledge and expertise of our marketing professionals.  All members of our management team have vast experience working for multinational companies who are recognized for their expertise in their respective fields.

An experienced and proven management team
The ability of our management team to identify new market opportunities, implement and execute strategic plans and exercise prudent financial management will be invaluable to forging successful partnership with our partners and development of their products and services in the targeted markets.

A holistic and principal-centric approach to clients’ relationship.
We believe in taking a principal-centric approach to our partnership with our clients. Our priority is to cater to the overall needs of the principals.

An intimate knowledge of the local operating conditions
We provide that vital link for manufacturers to local customers, acting as their Exclusive Representative for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Euro Asia Medico was founded on the basis of providing a ‘total marketing approach’ that includes sales & marketing, merchandising and regulatory services by leveraging off our local knowledge to value for our partners for their products in the local market.

Our Business Philosophy

To guide its actions & decisions, the company is committed to follow certain fundamental principles.  These principles, which we believe are in the best long-terms interest of our stake-holders, are the following:

Customer Commitment

We step up, reach out, pitch in, and find smarter ways to develop responsive customer service systems to deliver prompt and accurate customers service.


The Company is committed to high levels of professionalism, ethics, and integrity in our dealings with our customers, principals and suppliers.

Growth through Teamwork

We share knowledge and best practices and work together to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We are united by the common desire to be the best. We will constantly looks for ways to improve and expand our products and services, set and accomplish challenging objectives for ourselves, increase our efficiencies through training and innovation.

Value Our People

We are committed to fair and equitable treatment of all our employees.

The company aims to engage and support our most valuable and differentiated capital; the unique skills, knowledge and experience of our people; by offering them opportunity to learn & grow and develop meaningful and rewarding careers.


We are dedicated to high standards of achievement in key areas of our internal processes and exhibit a strong will to excel. We execute with speed and diligence and take pride in going above and beyond in order to win in the marketplace.

Personal Accountability

We take individual responsibility to keep our commitment. We treat the company’s reputation as our own.

Financial Prudence

We seek to realize above-average returns for our shareholders since our ability to serve the needs of customers and employees are made possible through their support.

We will provide responsible and prudent business and accounting practices that will exhibit integrity and transparency.

The Result

To the extent we act according to these principles, we believe we will

  1. Inspire the loyalty of our customers
  2. Earn a sustainable leadership position, attract and retain highly talented and engaged workforce
  3. Provide a superior returns to our shareholders.


This in turn, will enable us to achieve our vision of becoming a premier marketing service partner in our defined market. 1st in Class, 1st by Choice.